Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another night of wondering...

Random paragraph No. 1: Another night of writing cause of the deep thoughts haunting my head. Another night that everything seems to be set to make me blow up my mind. But now in a good way. Painful, but pleasant thoughts. Still causing confusion though...

Random paragraph No. 2: I really don't know what to think of first tonight. I had a great day, but I caught myself trying to step back many many times. I didn't have a reason to do it. It was mostly instinct. Instinct that was holding me back of doing something that was feeling right. Sounds f***ed up, right? Imagine it. Or try to... I wouldn't have managed if you had asked me to do it. Anyway, I am again at a crossroad. One of them that makes it hard to choose.

Random paragraph No. 3: It is also the first time that I can't think of an end for this post. I am just writing randomly, hoping to reveal something that may help. I can't see light in the end of the tunnel, though. Not really. Seems pointless, but at the same time relieving. So may be I should go on. Who reads this blog anyway? It's completely personal. It's only for me to write what I think, and then go to sleep happy, having left all my thought here. Many people use some kind of method to do that. I use blog. Cool, isn't it?

Random paragraph No. 4: Did you get bored already? Well, why do I ask? I don't care. But everybody does it. Many people ask others questions, without caring to listen. It's of the unwritten laws of human relations. Questions show care. Care brings people closer. It makes them open up. The feel important. The pay care back, asking questions again. Then relationship is built. Then one of the people follows his own will and destroys the relation. It's to simple to be exactly like that, but I guess it must be quite similar.

Random paragraph No. 5: I forgot why I wanted to write tonight. Blog did a good job. Thank you blog. I love you :-) I am going to sleep. Good night!