Thursday, March 26, 2009

What matters to me...

Showing care, loving and being loved with no limits, no suspicious thoughts and no selfishness at all.

Being able to express yourself freely, without being afraid that you may get misunderstood.

Being able to be yourself, and to be loved for what you really are, and not for what the world wants you to be.

Being able to say "I love you", "I care about you", "I'm in love with you" or "You're very important for me" without being afraid that you might regret it.

Being able to dress however you like, listen to the music you like, cut your hair the way you like without being criticized or labeled.

Being free to say "fuck off" to those who deserve it without being afraid to do it.

Getting equal treatment like anyone else despite your sexual preferences, your skin color, your religion or anything else.

Being able to look at the mirror and be proud for what you see.

Being able to look back and be proud for what you did in your life, knowing that you contributed something to this stupid world, even something small, but still something.

Waking up every day and feeling happy that you have a whole day in front of you, and the advantage to enjoy every single minute of it no matter what.

Living without stereotypes of ANY kind. With no needs to be cool, acceptable, popular, handsome, role-model etc.

Being able to answer "Yes" to the question "Are you really happy?".