Sunday, November 23, 2008

What is Life?

I promised I would be back soon! Haha!

Ok, this time the major question is...(I hope you're ready, it's a deep deep one)...
What is Life?

I keep wondering about this for a looooong time now, but I still haven't managed to get a complete answer. I am happy to say though, that through the people I meet and my personal experiences, I keep getting pieces of the puzzle that start forming the bigger picture.

So, is life all about what we know? Is it all about having a kick ass job, with a payment higher that the empire state building and a luxurious life that everybody else is jealous of? Is it about getting married, having children and growing old all happy and confident that you feel complete now that the family name will move on? Is it about partying 24/7 doing crazy stuff and having sex with random people that you will never see again? Maybe it is about doing something good for the society and brighten other people's lives... No?

The outcome of what I've learned so far is that there's no certain answer to this question. For each one of us the answer  is different. Of course there are some basic stuff that we all want or need. We all need people around us. A home maybe. Health over all. But the rest... It depends. Some people want risk, adventure, quest, while some others just need stability and safety. Can you call one of them crazy? Maybe, if you belong to the other side :-P. But seriously, not. That's life. The most supercomplicated thing along with love, and it is meant to be like that. Different.

I'm gonna tell you a short story. My housemate Karl in Malta asked me in one of our deep discussions a questions. Really simple, but really deep. Four words. "Are you really happy?". I answered "yes" spontaneously, but I didn't know why. Then I thought of it, and I told him "I'll give you three reasons. 1) I have all the parts of my body and I'm healthy. 2) I have a family that I love and that loves me. 3) I have a purpose". And it's true, even taking the first two for granted (which are not for many people, believe me), I still have a purpose. A dream to move towards to, something that drives all my efforts to something. Something I want to do for society. Small but still something. A heritage that will make a minor impact, but still an impact :-)

That is life for me. Purpose. Aiming towards something, and when you reach it, just aim for something bigger. And if it's not the whole, at least it's part of it. I'm sure I still have a lot to discover... 

I know, it sounds like a game. But for me, games are also part of it. Life makes up a lot of games to keep us occupied. And if you think of it, we should be grateful for it. How would life be without them? It would be so interesting I think. Maybe boring. 

Something else I noticed lately... I keep complaining sometimes for all the trouble I have with several stuff. Well lately I discovered that most of the times I create the trouble for a reason. I know! It sounds stupid, but it's true! When I look back, at the source of it, I am jumping into stuff that I am not sure I can handle, just to cause trouble to my every day life and make it interesting! Of course I'm not doing this with everything, don't get me wrong :-P 

Anyway, that was it! Totally spontaneous, and god, such a big post again. Sorry :-S
All that is left to say now is...


A random update :-)

Yeah yeah I know!

I haven't written anything for quite some time, and during this time a bunch of things have happened! I went to Malta, came back, I'm back to university after 2 years etc etc etc...

I know, I should probably have mentioned something about how I feel for all of these, but I wanted to remind you (if there's any of you :-P) that this blog is to express random thoughts and not like a diary, so that's why I didn't :-)

Just for the sake of it, I will just mention a few headlines of those stuff hehehe...

Ok, Malta was great, my experience was amazing and I totally feel more grown up after it. It is not easy, but I completely recommend it. For those who think about living and working to another country for some time, JUST DO IT! (I'm not getting any credit from Nike for the slogan :-P). I made dozens of friends, had quite some challenges and a lot of fun! The overall experience was just AMAZING!

As for being back to the university, I feel really proud. Seriously. Not proud for being back, no. Proud cause I know now that I didn't invest (and I continue investing) those three years for nothing. Everything makes much more sense than before, and I can really understand now where each one of all the things we learn fits in this world (especially business). I am also happy, cause I know that for each class I attend, I am one tiny tiny step closer to my dream (which I know for sure now). Just tiny steps, but still steps :-)

That's all folks!
I'm coming soon with a super random post probably. Or a deep one... Who knows? :-)