Monday, March 10, 2008

Questions in Life (from an old post)

This is one of my oldest posts in my old blog. It's the only one I would like to transfer to the new one, as it says a few things that I really believe in, and that I would like you to know. It is written in engish, cause sometimes my "whatever" thoughts run in english while other times in greek. It's something that I cannot really control...

Check it out, and let me know :-)

The title is... "Questions is Life"

"They exist. They are there, and they keep bothering us almost every day. Why? How? When? Who? All of these words. But especially "WHY". Have you ever wondered why you keep staying with someone even if you don't feel happy? I'm sure you did. And i'm not talking about you "i-fuck-a-different-person-every-night" people. Have you ever wondered why do you feel stressed about something that isn't going to make things worse for you in any way? Sometimes maybe. But still, i'm sure "why" is a big part of your everyday thoughts.

This is what's happening with me lately. On the one hand, is something that makes me think a lot and keep my mind on "working" status. On the other hand, it makes me feel anxious or depressed or sad sometimes. And i'm talking about those times that i realise that most of the things happening to me should be different. And i keep asking myself, "why am id oing this, or that, or being with that person, or worrying about that thing" and stuff like that, and i keep answering to me "I don't have any f****** idea". But what if life is supposed to be like that?

Well, let's talk a little bit more about the last question. Imagine your life being PERFECT. You live with your extremely happy family, you have extremely good friends, you have an extremely suitable and beautiful/handsome girlfriend/boyfriend, or lots of them if you prefer it, and your extremely good career or studies or whatever. Does it sounds perfect in your ears? I suppose it does. But let's take a deeper look.

Imagine your life as a line. This line is the picture of your emotion. Now, think how would this line look like if you were living that perfect life. Would it go straight up all the time? I don't think so. I think it would be straight all the time. It would be a flatline. Because, living this happiness thing all the time would end up to be BORING. For how long can you be happy all the time? For days, sure, for weeks, still sure, for months, maybe, but for years? And if yes, for how many? Two, five, ten, twenty? Too much. I believe people need to laugh as much as they need to cry. They need to believe, as much as they need to doubt. And the need to love, as much as they need to hate. I believe that we feel happy, cause we've felt sad once in the past. And it makes sense. How could you tell the difference if you hadn't? And all these things are those that make your line go up and down. And "ups and downs" mean EMOTIONS. That's why we live. For having those EMOTIONS. And, think of it. Maybe those ups and downs -those EMOTIONS- are the memories we carry on when we grow old and tell stories to our grandchildren. IT IS ment to be like that after all.

So maybe the perfect life we were talking about doesn't not sound so perfect anymore to you. If it still is, i didn't manage to convince you, but it doesn't matter. Sooner or later, i think you'll be convinced by yourselves. And if not, then write an article about it and convince me about the opposite.

From me, i wish you the best ups and the smoothest (or not) downs ever! Kisses!"

That was it. I don't know I feel exactly the same way now, maybe a few things have changed. But I still believe that in life both sides are needed, in order to appreciate some things.
It is good to read the old stuff though :-)


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