Sunday, November 23, 2008

A random update :-)

Yeah yeah I know!

I haven't written anything for quite some time, and during this time a bunch of things have happened! I went to Malta, came back, I'm back to university after 2 years etc etc etc...

I know, I should probably have mentioned something about how I feel for all of these, but I wanted to remind you (if there's any of you :-P) that this blog is to express random thoughts and not like a diary, so that's why I didn't :-)

Just for the sake of it, I will just mention a few headlines of those stuff hehehe...

Ok, Malta was great, my experience was amazing and I totally feel more grown up after it. It is not easy, but I completely recommend it. For those who think about living and working to another country for some time, JUST DO IT! (I'm not getting any credit from Nike for the slogan :-P). I made dozens of friends, had quite some challenges and a lot of fun! The overall experience was just AMAZING!

As for being back to the university, I feel really proud. Seriously. Not proud for being back, no. Proud cause I know now that I didn't invest (and I continue investing) those three years for nothing. Everything makes much more sense than before, and I can really understand now where each one of all the things we learn fits in this world (especially business). I am also happy, cause I know that for each class I attend, I am one tiny tiny step closer to my dream (which I know for sure now). Just tiny steps, but still steps :-)

That's all folks!
I'm coming soon with a super random post probably. Or a deep one... Who knows? :-)



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