Saturday, October 10, 2009

Questioning it. Everything.

Is something that we probably don't do anymore. We grow up with it, we learn it, we become part of it, we like it, we love it, we feel ease and comfort in it. I don't know how to call it. I'm too young to know names. I just have pieces of the puzzle in my mind. The whole picture is still vague, but it becomes clearer and clearer every day. We become stupid. Passive. And happy.

I observe the world evolving around me. It is full of contrast. The beauty and the beast. I cannot distinguish yet who is the real beauty and who is the real beast. One thing comes and another goes, and I am there in the middle watching it happen. I want to reach my arms, grab them and spin them around. Reverse the whole process. Go backwards. Slow down the world and move faster myself.

I can feel people trying to get into the box of maturity. What is maturity? Does it mean to wear a suit, a white shirt and a tie? Does it mean handshake and smile? Does it mean family, big house, garden, a dog and loads of money? Does it mean to make choice based on what the world wants? Call me immature then. It's not that I will never do any of them. I already do. I can wear that suit with the white shirt and the tie, but I will never let it wear me.

In the end of the day I look back and I see that nobody really cares. We all live in the bubble of happiness, trying to avoid everything that irritates us for the 70 or 80 years of our lives. We never think about our children though. Do we want them to suffer from what we ignored? Do we want them to do the same? Are we moving forward like this?

The professor is right. It is always about the next quarter. We're too blind too see what is after that. Apart from a few of us. Those who thrive. Those who write history. What if they had compromised? What if they went with the masses? What if they considered themselves crazy and stopped "daydreaming" about something that years later has changed world? What about the people that considered them to be crazy back then? Are they still alive to feel ashamed? Are they still alive to see that people like them hold humanity back?

The world map is full of crazy heartbeats. The next crazy ones. The people that are around us. Sometimes I wonder who they might be. I don't know. Who knows? Maybe a good start to identify some of them is to start looking for those who seem crazy enough. Insane. Unconventional. Those who we don't like, because they don't play the game with our standards. I dedicate this note to them. Good luck in making life a better place.


  1. Mary kous said...
    Just be yourself. Some people are born to make a difference , but in the meantime they forget who they are. just be your true self and everything will go as they are supposed to go...and maturing doesn't necessarily mean all the above mentioned. it should be some kind of self conciousness. And maybe , without any compromises (or maybe a few needed) you will leave yr mark in this vain world.
    Irma said...
    So nicely said Mary. I agree, and would add that we must never loose faith in the better world, and by doing that we still have hope that we can do something and don't give up! I like the things you're questioning about...The same here :) hugs
    Anonymous said...
    you are such a fag...didn't read anything really but you have a fucking blog....fag !
    Anonymous said...
    you stole that shit from southpark ... carman just "asks questions"
    Anonymous said...
    eimai o anisixos
    afto einai to blog mou:
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